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For organic turf care, this easy to apply granule is effective at controlling various types of evasive grubs without harming beneficials such as honeybees, ladybugs, fish or birds. Unlike other Bt products, grubGONE! is not only effective against 1st instar pests but is also an effective control against the larger 2nd and 3rd instar grubs which appear later in the season. Therefore, grubGONE! can be used as either a curative early season remedy or preventative treatment in September - October for grub control all season.  Furthermore, since the active ingredient Bt is derived from a naturally occurring soil bacterium grubGONE! is safe for the environment and can be applied in areas that are frequented by kids and pets.

grubGONE! advantages:

  1. Controls all scarab grubs including Japanese Beetles, Masked Chafers, Asiatic Garden Beetles, Oriental Beetles, European Chafers and more.

  2. 10 lb bag will cover over 4,000 feet

  3. Protects the value of turf landscapes and ornamental plants by effectively controlling susceptible white grubs in the season of application

  4. A non-chemical choice for areas that kids and pets frequent

  5. Can be applied with other insect controls

  6. Helps manage resistance to chemistries with a new mode of action for IPM programs

  7. No label restrictions for bees or flowering plants

  8. As a naturally occurring soil bacterium, Bt bio insecticides provide a positive public perception

  9. Shelf life is greater than 2 years when stored as directed

grubGONE!® G: Turf & Ornamentals - Bio-Insecticide for Organic Production

Ohio Turfgrass Foundation Magazine | New (and Newer) Options for Insect Control on Sports Fields | Sep/Oct 2015 | Vol. 77, No 5

“It [grubGONE!] has performed consistently quite well . . . Table 1 contains data that we generated in a 2011 study where we applied the product in late-June, mid-July and early August . . . We have repeated these tests in subsequent years with the same results. This summer, we tested it against the annual blue-grass weevil, and we achieved 75-80% control of the larvae.”

More grubGONE! G Product Information:

Apply grubGONE! G during springtime (shortly after the ground has thawed) to control grubs that are coming up near the surface of your lawn to feed on the roots. Spread approximately 2.5 lbs of granule per 1,000 sqft of turf using any conventional spreader and irrigate it into the soil. 

grubGONE! G is also an excellent product for fall grub control. Beetles spend their summer eating and laying eggs and by August, small (1st instar) grubs appear below the surface of your turf, feeding on the roots. Eventually turf damage becomes noticeable as these grubs grow into larger 2nd & 3rd instar grubs.  The good news is that grubGONE! is a proven winner against these larger grubs. Meaning you can successfully treat for grubs well into the fall season; thus helping you lessen the impact grubs and beetles have on your yard next year.

Apply grubGONE! G to your turf
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grubGONE! G is an easy to apply granule
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Product Technical Questions:

Application Timing for grubGONE! and beetleGONE!

Application Timing for grubGONE! and beetleGONE!

Damage Caused By White Grubs

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Pests Targeted by grubGONE!

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Ohio Turfgrass Foundation Magazine | Biological and Bio-Based Insect Controls for Turf | May/June 2015 | Vol. 77, No. 3

“The latest strain is Bt. ‘galleriae’, which is a beetle-active strain. This strain was recently registered by Phyllom under the trade name of GrubGONE[!]. We have tested this product for over three years, and it regularly provides 70% to 80% control of Japanese beetle and masked chafer grubs when applied in July and early August.”

I applied GrubGone as directed in mid July. I ran short so I did the perimeter of my backyard . . . No grub damage or skunk digging except in this week, and only in the area I didn’t apply GrubGone.
- Homeowner in Connecticut