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Similar to beetleGONE! tlc, beetleGONE! ag harnesses Phyllom’s patented strain of Bacillus thuringiensis (Bt) in a wettable biological powder insecticide.  As a foliar spray, beetleGONE! ag is ideal for use in orchards, fields and greenhouses.  The viable spores of Bt are exempt from the requirement of a tolerance and beetleGONE! ag is EPA registered for pre-harvest food and animal feed crops. And, since beetleGONE! ag contains the first and only strain of Bt that is powerful enough to control both adult and larva stages of susceptible beetles you can rest assured that when used with a well-managed crop protection system your crops will be in good hands.

beetleGONE! ag benefits:

  1.   Protects the value of crops by effectively controlling susceptible beetles.

  2.   Helps manage resistance to chemistries with a new mode of action for IPM programs.

  3.   No label restrictions for bees or flowering plants.

  4.   Less management stress with no worries about MRLs, 0 day PHI, 4 hour REI for agricultural uses.

  5.   For non-crop uses, keep unprotected people out of treated area until sprays dry.

  6.   Compliant with the USDA National Organic Program for use in organic crop production.

Use beetleGONE! ag to protect corn, wine grapes, table grapes, alfalfa and rice from destructive insects, such as: White Grubs, Japanese Beetle, Alfalfa Weevil, Rice Water Weevil, Flea Beetle and Strawberry Root Weevil.

beetleGONE!® ag: Agricultural Applications - Bio-Insecticide for Organic Production

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  Damage caused by Alfalfa Weevil

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