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Certified for organic gardening, beetleGONE! tlc can be used in the home garden around ornamental plants and trees as well as on fruits and vegetables. This biological powder insecticide effectively controls various beetles, chafers and weevils including Japanese Beetles, Masked Chafers, Asiatic Garden Beetles, Oriental Beetles and other scarab & wood boring beetles including the Emerald Ash Borer. Applied as a foliar spray, once ingested the pest will stop feeding and die. It is the first BT insecticide powerful enough to control both adult and larva stage of susceptible beetles, yet it demonstrated no adverse risks to non-targets tested such as bees, wasps, ladybugs, fish or birds.

beetleGONE! tlc Benefits

  1. 1 lb will cover over 3,500 sq ft

  2. Protects the value of crops by effectively controlling susceptible beetles

  3. Labeled for application to trees, shrubs, edible fruits and vegetables

  4. Treated vegetables, fruits and herbs may be eaten the day of application

  5. Non phyto-toxic to plants

  6. Helps manage resistance to chemistries with a new mode of action for IPM programs

  7. No label restrictions for bees or flowering plants

  8. Preserves bees, butterflies, lady bugs and other non-targets in the garden

  9. Less management stress with no worries about MRLs, 0 day PHI, 4 hour REI for agricultural uses

  10. For ornamental uses, keep unprotected people out of treated area until sprays dry

  11. Compliant with the USDA National Organic Program for use in organic crop production

beetleGONE!® tlc: Tree & Landscape Care - Bio-Insecticide for Organic Production

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Product Technical Questions:

Frequently Asked Questions:

I have about 1 acre of land that I need to treat. How much beetleGone! will I need?

Typically, growers can spray about 25 gallons per acre. We suggest using 2-4 oz per gallon of water, which means you will need about 3-6 pounds for each application.

I have raspberries, asparagus, rhubarb, apple trees, and cherry trees throughout my yard. Will it be safe to eat these fruits and vegetables immediately after applying beetleGone! to these plants and trees?

Yes, very safe. Our products are approved NOP (National Organic Program) by EPA and growers often use our bG! just prior to pick and packing because of the safety and there is no requirement to test for residue due to its safety record. Of course, as with all controls you should still wash your fruits and veggies. Similar microbial technologies/products have been used safely for decades in mosquito abatement and forestry programs (in water/riparian areas, aerial spray forests) and also in AG for organic production. Our twist is that we control beetles, not mosquitos or caterpillars.

The Japanese beetles may be past their peak, should we still be spraying if we get the beetleGONE! now?

One notable upside to spraying to control JB - even later in the season - is to prevent egg laying and overwintering of grubs - which cause problems the next season. So yes, customers throughout the US on the east coast, midwest, west coast and Colorado are still treating for adult JB, including state/local agency programs. Meanwhile, treating for grubs with grubGONE! is also advised to knock down the population this year and next.

From what I have read, it is good to use both the milky spore and nematodes for the best Japanese beetle control. Do you have any "guarantee" that your product will work?

There's no performance guarantee with any of the products you mentioned. I can guarantee that bG! and gG! work better that nematodes and milky spore ....and also perform against all scarabs - not just Japanese Beetles.

Any recommendations for a commercial sticker to use with beetleGONE!


More beetleGONE! tlc Product Information:

beetleGONE! is specifically formulated for use on trees, shrubs and ornamentals; anywhere you have an outbreak of beetles or other targeted pests. We recommend 2 treatments at 1 week interval when you start to see an infestation.  Simply mix 2-4 oz of the powder for every 1 gallon of water and apply the mixture with a commercial or residential garden sprayer. It is best to apply when rain is not in the forecast for a few days. If rain is forecasted, you may want to use a sticker with the application.

For grubs, you can ground spray from egg hatch through instar-3 (late summer) to control all scarab grubs including Japanese Beetles, Northern and Southern Masked Chafers, Asiatic Garden Beetles, Green June Bugs, Oriental Beetles and more.

Use beetleGONE! tlc in your garden
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beetleGONE! is easy to apply
beetleGONE! is safe to use around bees and other beneficials
Application timing for grubGONE! G and beetleGONE! tlc

Application Timing for grubGONE! and beetleGONE!

Damaged Caused by Japanese Beetles

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Most creatures on earth evolve and live in the presence of naturally occurring Bt. Phyllom’s Btg products are produced via fermentation like beer, wine or tofu. All ingredients used are food grade and the primary ingredients are plant sources of carbohydrates and protein.
- Richard S. Cowles, Ph.D.