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Phyllom BioProducts Corporation, 484 Lake Park Ave Suite 23, Oakland, CA 94610, Office: 650.322.5000,
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Phyllom BioProducts is a plant biotechnology company based on our 3 Ps of Products, Platforms and Proteins. During 2015 Phyllom launched a number of products to address unmet market needs for effective and environmentally friendly treatments against invasive agricultural, forest, ornamental, livestock and turf insects such as Emerald Ash Borer, Goldspotted Oak Borer, Japanese Beetle, Darkling Beetle and others.
Bees: Protecting Our Pollinators
The Big Picture: Grub Control, Neonics & Bees
Presentation Current Research on Ornamental Production Options - Dan Gilrein - Cornell Coop Extension
Tree & 
Landscape Care
Turf & Ornamental
Product Information: Target the Pest, Not the Rest!®
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Product Sell Sheets
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grubGONE! G Sell Sheet
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To protect the nation’s wood resources and support forest health, click here!%20%20tlc_Sell%20Sheet.pdf!%20%20G_Sell%20Sheet.pdf!%20%20ag_Sell%20Sheet.pdf!%20Forestry%20Product%20Tech%20%20Information%20Sheet.pdf
Mississippi River Valley Walk, Twin Cities, Minnesota:  High-Value Ash Tree removal due to Emerald Ash Borer infestation
Phyllom’s newly dedicated manufacturing facility.
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2016 Golf Industry Show Slideshow
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Phyllom in the News:
Co-Founders of Green Earth AG & Turf recommend Phyllom’s products grubGONE! G and beetleGONE! TLC for controlling grubs and beetles.
Heather Garvin from the Hart Seed Company talks about how grubGONE! can save Connecticut’s playgrounds.
July 5, 2016 - Bio-Economy and Tech Leaders join Phyllom BioProducts’ Business Advisory Board. Phyllom BioProducts Corp., the horticulture industry’s innovation leader in microbial insect control, announced appointments of Murray McLaughlin Ph.D. and Lance Cottrell M.S. to its Business Advisory Board.  Press Release
July 20, 2016 - An international panel made up of industry experts nominate two of Phyllom’s products as finalists for the 2016 Agrow Awards in the Best New Biopesticide category.   Press Release
July 22, 2016 - Phyllom BioProducts Loads the Bases for Growth; adds Desmond Jimenez, Ph.D., Rick Brandenburg, Ph.D. and Joshua Hofheimer, JD to the Phyllom team.
Press Release
July 28, 2016 - A NY Times article discusses the affects that two pesticides, banned in some European nations but still used across the US, have on bees’ ability to reproduce.
Phyllom has successfully opened its Preferred B Round financing with a sizable investment by a leading distributor of professional landscape care products in Canada - Plant Products Inc (Ontario, Canada).  In addition, Phyllom has raised capital from a number of Angel Group Individuals and their investment funds. The Company is also in discussions with a number of Family Offices regarding investment.  Phyllom is striving to close out its $3 Million raise, the capital of which will support sales and value creation as Phyllom broadens and deepens its channels in Pro Turf and Ornamentals, Consumer Home and Garden, Agriculture and continues to commercialize its Livestock and Forestry Products.
grubGONE! Performance (Slideshow)
August 25, 2016 - New market milestones achieved as Phyllom prepares to launch its products in California. Dr. Andrew Sutherland organized the SF Bay Area Urban IPM Program Workshop with the City of San Jose’s Environmental Services Department which was held at San Jose’s Fowler Park. Read more
August 29, 2016 - Phyllom has secured its registration from the State of California for marketing and sale of its grubGONE! product. Press Release's%20%20grubGONE!%20receives%20California%20DPR%20approval.pdfshapeimage_60_link_0
September 14, 2016 - Phyllom BioProducts Corp, the industry’s innovation leader in microbial insect control and Vestaron, Corp. the industry’s innovation leader in bio insecticides derived from venom peptides announced they will extend their research collaboration first announced in August of 2014.  Press Release
October 2, 2016 - Farm Chemical International Editor, Jackie Pucci provides insightful article “Biologicals M&A Boom Begins To Bear Fruit”  on  Read more
October 12, 2016 - Phyllom BioProducts Corp. announces the appointments of Murray McLaughlin Ph.D., a distinguished leader in the chemical industry’s effort to convert to a sustainable bio-economy through disruptive innovation, and George Murphy, recognized for his eminent career in early-stage life science venturing and technology licensing, to its Board of Directors.  Press Release
Sports Turf Managers Association National Tradeshow, Orlando, FL, January 24-27, 2017  - Kurt Schwartau (Head of Marketing and Sales) and Joe Schalk (Phyllom’s Formulations Expert) man the trade show booth at this year’s show. Kurt was heard saying that Phyllom’s new products which control a number of turf insect pests generated a large crowd and a healthy amount of interest. He also mentioned that the location of our booth next to the bar didn’t hurt for crowd size.
Kurt Schwartau - Head of M&S - and Joe Schalk - Formulations Expert - at the 2017 STMA booth
Kurt Schwartau describing the value of our products to turf managers
A steady crowd of potential new customers orders taken for 3 days
grubGONE! G Golf Course Sell Sheet!%20%20G_ABW_Golf%20Sell%20Sheet.pdf
Upcoming Events:
• April 23rd: Opal Impact Investing Forum - Boca Raton, FL        • Photos of the Event
May 24th: Keiretsu Impact Investor Forum - Seattle, WA
June 4th: Primary Capital Summit - Newport Beach, CA
June 12th: Wilson Emerging Managers Summit - NYC         • Photos of the Event
July 14th: Wilson Family Office Deal Flow Summit - San Francisco, CA
July 24th - 26th: Opal Family Office & Private Wealth Management Forum - Newport, RI
September 14th: Opal Emerging Managers Summit - NYC
August 21st: 1640 Society's The Hamptons Family Office & Wealth Management Forum - Hamptons, Long Island, NY
Phyllom's biopesticides products may be applied when bees and other beneficials are active.