Phyllom BioProducts
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Phyllom BioProducts will provide its customers with potent and environmentally safe biological pest control products for use in Forestry, Tree & Shrub Care, Lawn & Garden Care, Specialty Agriculture and Animal Health.

Our objective is to provide our customers with the safest products in the market and to effectively protect their trees, turf, ornamental plants and crops against destructive insect pests. Through our proprietary technologies and materials we will provide superior products.

Phyllom will sell our forestry products direct to our customers, while utilizing our partnerships and market-leading distributors to generate sales in the Global Insect Control Market which is estimated at $15 Billion.

Phyllom will strive to exit our investors with a highly competitive ROI.

Phyllom will expand its business by licensing its technologies and gene discoveries to market-leading agricultural and animal health companies to reformulate and co-develop current and new spray-on pest control products and crop traits for large-market, agricultural & livestock applications.

Phyllom will maintain its competitive edge and further expand its business by finding new highly active pest control genes, which will be used in Phyllom’s new and improved products.

Phyllom’s Mission: Potent, Eco-Friendly, Cost-effective Products

About Us: Phyllom Team and Collaborators

Phyllom is organized to keep the senior management structure small and focused.  We employ consulting and business/technical advisory boards to expand our management network in areas vital to Phyllom’s business objectives. We have direct personal knowledge and working experience with each consultant in the specific fields of biopesticides, agrichemicals, plant traits/seeds.

Phyllom's management and consultant team represents leading industry experts with a combined experience of over 200 years in all aspects of the Agrichemicals, Seeds and Biopesticides Industries. Key members of our management team have successfully discovered and developed many technologies and products in the biocontrol field and have championed biocontrol research projects that have been successfully commercialized. This broad base of pesticide industry experience spans many levels: research, development, intellectual property, registration, business development, finance, sales and marketing.