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New market milestones achieved as Phyllom prepares to launch its products in California. Dr. Andrew Sutherland organized the SF Bay Area Urban IPM Program Workshop with the City of San Jose’s Environmental Services Department which was held at San Jose’s Fowler Park. This park is also currently being utilized as a test site to test various beetle grub control products to protect turfgrass in parks, school grounds and at other municipality sites. Phyllom’s safe biocontrol product, grubGONE! G, is being tested versus the chemical Acelypryn. Thus far, grubGONE! G is performing as well as the chemical and is showing superb protection of turf from damage by the beetle grub pests.
grubGONE! G Performance
Coincidentally on this date, Phyllom has secured its registration from the State of California for marketing and sale of its grubGONE! product. Press Release's%20%20grubGONE!%20receives%20California%20DPR%20approval.pdfshapeimage_22_link_0
SF Bay Area Urban IPM Workshop held at Fowler Park in San Jose.
Dr. Andrew Sutherland of the UC Cooperative Extension.
The Growing Problem; Masked Chafer & Black Turfgrass Ataenius Adults collected at the San Jose & Walnut Creek Sites.
Comparison: grubGone! G versus untreated turf (The following pictures are a small sample of 5 replicated plots for each treatment type over 2 field trial sites.)
Dr. Sutherland describing the commercial products available for grub control in turf.
Labels of two of the turf grub products - Phyllom's non-chemical BioControl and the Acelypryn Chemical.
Dr Sutherland describes the turf field trial testing procedure.
Attendees try their hand at trial sampling and grub scoring.
The Expert shows US how it's done.
Scoring the turf grubs (Masked Chafer).
Relatively high infestation ~ 15-20 grubs per sq/ft.
Turf damage in plot without grub control treatment.
Adjacent plot treated with Phyllom's grubGONE! G Turf Grub BioControl
Adjacent Test Plots - grubGONE! treated in the foreground.
Closeup - Untreated Plot.
WOW! What a difference!!! Closeup - grubGONE! G treated turf