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Phyllom has successfully opened its Preferred B Round financing with a sizable investment by a leading distributor of professional landscape care products in Canada - Plant Products Inc (Ontario, Canada).  In addition, Phyllom has raised capital from a number of Angel Group Individuals and their investment funds. The Company is also in discussions with a number of Family Offices regarding investment.  Phyllom is striving to close out its $3 Million raise, the capital of which will support sales and value creation as Phyllom broadens and deepens its channels in Pro Turf and Ornamentals, Consumer Home and Garden, Agriculture and continues to commercialize its Livestock and Forestry Products.
Opal Family Office Investor Conference - Boca Raton, FL - April 23-25, 2017
Angel Group Meeting - July 2016
Erica Lill of Keiretsu Capital at the Opal Family Office Investor Event - Boca Raton, FL
Kurt Schwartau (Phyllom's Head of Sales and Marketing) and Dr. Walter Funk (Phyllom BOD)
Kurt Schwartau, John Libs (Phyllom CEO) and Walter Funk
Nathan McDonald (Keiretsu Capital), John Libs, Erica Lill (Keiretsu Capital),Walter Funk, Kurt Schwartau
Impact Investing Panel CEOs at the Opal Investor Forum
The Keiretsu Syndicated Companies_Phyllom BioProducts, PIA, Mission Bio, Phytonix
John Libs - Phyllom BioProducts CEO - describes the Go-To-Market Strategy
Member Audience at the Silicon Valley Forum
Video Testimonies of Phyllom's Products by Customers are Positive