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About Us: Phyllom Team and Collaborators
Phyllom is organized to keep the senior management structure small and focused.  We employ consulting and business/technical advisory boards to expand our management network in areas vital to Phyllom’s business objectives. We have direct personal knowledge and working experience with each consultant in the specific fields of biopesticides, agrichemicals, plant traits/seeds.
Phyllom's management and consultant team represents leading industry experts with a combined experience of over 200 years in all aspects of the Agrichemicals, Seeds and Biopesticides Industries. Key members of our management team have successfully discovered and developed many technologies and products in the biocontrol field and have championed biocontrol research projects that have been successfully commercialized. This broad base of pesticide industry experience spans many levels: research, development, intellectual property, registration, business development, finance, sales and marketing.
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Phyllom helps the CA Park Service maintain beaches, coastal roads and trails, and forested parks.
Phyllom BioProducts Corporation, 484 Lake Park Ave Suite 23, Oakland, CA 94610, Office: 650.322.5000,
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Pigeon Point - Pescadero, CA
Big Basin Redwoods State Park - California
Bean Hollow State Beach - California
Pescadero Farm and Marsh Lands
John Libs - CEO, Dr. Murray McLaughlin - Business Advisory Board, Dr. Dave Matthews - Head of MFG
John Salmonson (BOD) - John Libs (BOD) at BPIA-Meister Media Tradeshow, Fresno, CA, 2015
SDS Biotech KK - Phyllom Meeting including John Callahan (BOD), Dr. Zachary Wochok (BAB), Dr. Walter Funk (BOD)
Kurt Schwartau (Business Advisory Board) and John Callahan
John Callahan and John Libs @ JP Morgan 2013 SF
Dr. Dave Matthews - Head of Technology and SAB
John Libs and Dr. Bob Rose (Regulatory & MFG)
Joe Schalk (MFG & Formulations)
Dr. Dave Matthews (SAB & Head of Technology)
Phyllom BioProducts Lab - Carlsbad CA
Cooperator Site - Morton Arboretum Lobby - Lisle, IL
John Libs, CEO & BOD Phyllom and Frederic Miller, Researcher Morton Aboretum
Dr. Frederic Miller (PI)
John Callahan